Event Filming

Need to promote or document an event?

There may be any number of reasons why you may need a high quality film your event: from providing evidence for sponsors or investors, to advertising on social media, or simply to document the occasion for posterity. Whatever your requirements, a quality product will serve your needs far more effectively than a shaky, ‘run and gun’ smartphone video with barely usable sound. For a relatively low cost, Mooma Media can attend your event to record and produce an engaging film that meets your needs effectively.

Conferences and seminars:

Are you holding a conference, seminar or training event? Mooma can service your filming needs: from creating an archive of an entire lecture or keynote speech to producing a short promotional film of event highlights to help you market similar occasions in the future. Capture the response of delegates, show your host venue and its facilities, create a story of the day to help future customers understand your event and its value. Why not couple a recording of your event with a live-stream

Exhibitions and trade shows:

Exhibiting at a local, regional or national trade show? Why not have Mooma Media create a short film that tells the story of your day and markets your organisation as a player in high profile events. Include interviews with visitors and team members. Show your brand along with its products and services; reinforce your key messages and unique selling points; use your film on your website and in your social media marketing campaigns.


Are you organising a festival or rally? Do you want the key moments and unique aspects of your gathering to be captued on film? Can you exploit the power of the moving image to market next year’s event? I can be available for the entire duration of your festival in order to record all of the action, as it happens, before returning to the editing suite to compile a professional documentary film that truly conveys your festival experience.

Fund raisers, galas, awards ceremonies and celebrations:

Is your business or organisation a key player in a charitable or celebratory event? Why not show your involvement and celebrate your support with a short film? Promote your patronage and the cause you support online, with one engaging audio visual package.


Are you holding a performance that you want to archive or record for sale to parents, subscribers or fans? Mooma Media can film your show with multiple cameras and pristine audio capture, ensuring a high quality end product, to be enjoyed for years to come. Why not couple a recording of your show with a live-stream?

Whether you require a simple, single camera, front of house recording of a performance, ceremony or presentation; or you need a fully edited production, Mooma Media can meet your needs. For a sensibly priced promotional film of your event, contact Mooma Media to discuss your requirements.

Illustrative example

Two hour performance, single static camera shoot:

  • Two hours fiming with a static camera and onboard shotgun microphone or feed from house-PA system.
  • All post-processing, including editing, titles and branding (client to provide all necessary text/artwork)
  • Full HD (1080p) MP4 video file provided on USB memory stick.

£249 inc VAT (illustration only)

4K filming and rendering; additional boundary/shotgun microphones and audio mixing; multi camera shooting and live switching or post production editing; all available at additional cost.