Live Streaming

Broadcast your event to the world via the internet, with a live stream generated by Mooma Media.

Live web streaming can extend your presentation platform well beyond a particular venue, reaching new audiences and delivering your key messages to the world. Include questions and comments from your online audience and your event can be transformed into a fully interactive webinar.  This article outlines 5 key ways live streaming can help your enterprise: Digital Doughnut. 

While, in theory, live internet streaming is achievable by anyone with a mobile phone or webcam and a suitable internet connection; your business probably lacks either the facilities or expertise to take live streaming beyond this, to a more professional level. This is where Mooma can support you, by turning your live stream into an engaging live broadcast.

Multi-camera live streaming. 

Put simply, using the latest in mobile live production technology, I can turn a simple seminar, product demo, speech or performance into a truly immersive experience; captured from multiple angles, interspersed with additional media if required, and viewable, in real-time, by anyone on the web. Why not employ Mooma Media to elevate your online audience’s experience to a completely different level.

Example conference setup: 

  • Camera 1: front/wide shot, showing the whole stage from the rear of the venue.
  • Camera 2: closeup, giving a more intimate view of key presenters
  • Camera 3: Rear/side view, showing stage and frontmost audience
  • Media feed: your presentation slides shown with crystal clarity
  • Audio feed: direct from conference room PA or Lectern, reducing background noise and room reverb 

Example product demonstration setup: 

  • Camera 1: front/wide shot of presenter and product
  • Camera 2: overhead/close shot of product
  • Camera 3: extreme closeup, showing product details
  • Media feed: photographs or video of the product in a real-world context
  • Audio feed: lavalier (clip-on) mic, enabling the presenter to move freely 

These multiple feeds are edited into a live stream, which is fed to an online content distribution network (CDN) such as YouTube, Facebook Live, or Periscope, which can be watched, in real-time, by anyone on the planet with access to the internet. 

If you wish, internet audiences can even respond to your presentation with questions, by posting them online, to be read out by presenters. 

Depending upon your purpose and choice of CDN, you may want your live stream to be freely available to all, or monetised by hosting behind a paywall. Live feeds can also be embedded into your own website if required. 

Learn more about multi-camera live streaming.

What do I need from you:

  • Advanced knowledge of how and where you would like your live stream to appear, e.g. Facebook Live, YouTube, embedded on your website, etc; or alternatively a streaming key and server address for your own social media/CDN account *
  • Access to the event venue at least 90 minutes before the live stream is due to begin – longer if any kind of rehearsal is needed
  • Mains power
  • Space to set up tripods/cameras and a control desk
  • A feed from your venue’s PA system (where applicable) **
  • A copy of your presenter’s slideshow or a video feed from your presenter’s laptop (where applicable)
  • A stable Internet connection with a minimum 4Mb/s upload speed (preferably Ethernet), along with all the information necessary to connect to your venue’s internet service (i.e. Network Name/SSID, passwords, proxy server address & port number – if used, etc) *** 

N.B. Depending upon the scale and location of your event, liaison with venue technical staff may be essential beforehand. While this can usually be achieved by email or a phone conversation, where a site visit is necessary, this may be charged as an extra. 

If your event site isn’t connected to the internet, I may still be able to provide a service via 4G, though this is dependent upon network coverage in your area. 4G streaming will incur an additional fee in order to cover the costs of cellular data used during the stream. 

Illustrative example 

Morning seminar: 

  • single cameraman/production operator
  • 15-minute pre-event welcome message, broadcast to live steam
  • 2 cameras (wide and closeup)
  • HDMI/VGA presentation feed from stage/lectern
  • Audio feed from house PA system
  • up to 2 hours – main event live-streamed to YouTube/Facebook/other CDN of your choice via venue internet connection
  • overlaid branding and titles (graphics and text supplied by customer in advance)

£249 (illustration only)

Additional cameras and on-site recording of your live stream for later post-production, are available at extra cost.

*I am happy to generate streams through one of Mooma Media’s own CDN accounts, which can then be embedded in your website or blog. However, those with an established social media presence are more likely to prefer that the stream originates from their own social media domain.

**If you are working in a small venue, without a PA system, I can install suitable microphones to ensure crystal clear audio for your online video stream.

Mooma Media offers a range of video production services to individuals, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations operating in the West Midlands region. Mooma offers competitive quotes to produce website or social media marketing videos and to film or live-stream events. To find out more about any of Mooma Media’s services, use the contact button below.