Event sound and video support for small to medium-sized conferences and presentations in the Black Country and West Midlands.

Sound system and streaming/filming for gatherings in single spaces of up to approximately 500 square metres. Ideal for smaller presentations, conferences, seminars, and training events.

  • Conference sound system, including multiple wireless mics, Q&A panel coverage, and all-day technical support; typically £375 per day.
  • Conference video livestreaming, including multi-camera coverage, livestreaming to a CDN of your choice, high-quality audio, and slideshow integration; typically £575 per day.
  • Conference sound and video livestreaming package, including all of the above; typically £745 per day.

Sound and video support services appropriate for your event.

Are you holding a conference, seminar, presentation, or similar event in the Black Country or West Midlands region?

Does the audio and video support at your chosen venue fall short of your needs?

Do you need any of the following to make your conference or presentation event a success?

  • A comprehensive public address system, with an experienced engineer.
  • Individual mics for a Q&A panel, moderator, and presenters.
  • Reliable, high-quality wireless lapel mics for more mobile presenters.
  • Roving wireless mics for audience questions.
  • Your presentation live-streamed over YouTube, Facebook Live, etc. 
  • The stage at your event captured and integrated into a virtual meeting on Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
  • A video recording of proceedings.

My event sound and video services are designed to fill gaps in the technical provision at small and medium-sized conference venues. While hotels and conference centres excel in providing the hospitality expected by delegates, they often fall short in other areas. Today’s corporate events demand more than just projection facilities. They also require sound and video services that match the trend for more complex presentations and online attendance.

If you require more capable event sound and video support, including a versatile public address system, livestreaming, and filming, look no further.

Please note that I do not dry-hire equipment.

event sound and video equipment control are

Why choose Mooma Media for your conference sound and video support?

Mooma Media event sound and video services are perfect for presentations that require focused technical support rather than full-on event production. My provision is, therefore, ideal for those working on smaller events and within a tighter budget.

In addition to front-of-house audio support, my services include live-streaming and conference call integration, perfect for virtual and hybrid events.

On-hand technical support throughout your event.

In many venues, particularly hotels, technical support is just one of many duties performed by hard-working members of staff. Technical support may also be shared between several events at busier times. As a result, venue employees are often only able to set up equipment at the start of the day. This leaves clients to fend for themselves during the event itself, should anything go wrong.

My provision is fully managed throughout your event with my technical support available in the room at all times. This allows your team to concentrate on delivery, without the stress of managing equipment. Attendance throughout your event also means that I don’t require any kind of security deposit, unlike equipment dry hire.

The right tools for the job.


PA equipment is notoriously challenging to understand, set up, and operate. This is why venue PA equipment is often rather limited, comprising one or two consumer-grade wireless mics, an amplifier, and loudspeakers. While this may be fine for wedding speeches, it is often completely inadequate for more demanding events.

Conference audio-visual support: photograph showing multiple desktop mics for panel discussions.

I can easily accommodate panel discussions with multiple microphones and auto-mixing.

My conference PA system is versatile, scalable, and consists of equipment used throughout the entertainment and event industries. I can easily accommodate panel discussions, audience Q&A, and either static or highly mobile presenters. You can see my event sound equipment list below.

Video capture and broadcast.

Livestreaming an event over YouTube, Zoom, or similar services, at a professional level, requires both know-how and appropriate equipment. You’ll need more than just a USB webcam or someone with an iPhone. Similarly, recording an event on video, in any genuinely useful way, demands specialist skills and kit.

I can provide single-camera or multi-camera video capture of your event for live streaming, recording, or both. While a single camera is sometimes adequate, multi-camera capture elevates the viewing experience massively. If your presentation includes important visual elements, e.g., PowerPoint slides, or a BSL interpreter, multiple video feeds are essential. For all video work, I use a direct audio feed from on-stage microphones. This means crystal clear sound without room ambience (echo), unlike the audio typically captured by on-camera mics. 

Livestreaming a conference event using multiple cameras.

Livestreaming with multiple cameras allows me to include a variety of shots in the live broadcast.


Unlike PA gear, projectors are generally set-and-forget devices that give years of attention-free service. Projectors are very much plug-and-play, with only basic technical know-how needed to use them. For these reasons, venues usually have suitable projection equipment installed in their conference spaces. 

If your venue does not offer projection facilities, I’m happy to source and manage suitable equipment for your event. 

Preparation is everything.

While some presenters are old hands, many business people are more accustomed to being behind a desk than behind a microphone. I’m happy to coach your presenters in working with microphones effectively, ensuring clear and consistent communication with their audience throughout.

Safety first.

All equipment used for sound and video support during your conference will be installed safely. Trip hazards will be dealt with by effective cable management and, where securing cables is impractical, hazards will be clearly signposted. RCD protection will be provided on all mains-connected equipment.

When appropriate, I will carry out a site visit, prior to the event, in order to assess infrastructure and potential safety issues.

Event sound and video support includes:

Public address system/audio support:

  • 2 x 1kw active PA speakers, ideal for speech and audio/video playback. These can also be supplemented by an active sub-system, for 3kw of full range sound, if required.
  • 16 Channel Midas digital mixer with automix facilities, perfect for managing panel Q&A.
  • Two x Sennheiser wireless lavaliere (lapel) mics, for presenters who preffer to be on the move.
  • Two x Sennheiser wireless handheld mics, perfect for taking audience questions.
  • 6 x Sennheiser wired mics, e.g., lectern and 5 person Q&A panel 
  • Stereo active DI box for matching laptop or tablet audio outputs to professional audio line levels.

Additional mics are available on request.

Event sound equipment showing a  microphone ad PA speaker

Video support.

  • Single or multi-camera livestreaming to a CDN of your choice (e.g., YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.).
  • Single or multi-camera video and audio capture integrated into your conference call on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • Your powerpoint slideshow integrated into the livestream feed.
  • Full HD video recording of your event if required.

Projector and screen.

While I don’t carry a projection system, as most conference venues have these installed/available, I am quite happy to sub-hire a portable screen and projector for your event as an addition, alongside one of my other services.

Stourbridge-based Mooma Media offers video production, event filming, live-streaming, and still photography services to businesses, the public sector, and other non-commercial organisations throughout the Black Country and the wider West Midlands region. To discuss your project, or for a competitive quote click the button below.

Event sound and video support for conferences and presentations in and near:

West Midlands county: Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, West Bromwich, Dudley, Walsall, Wolverhampton.

Staffordshire: Lichfield, Tamworth, Stafford, Cannock,Burton upon Trent.

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