If you would like a quote for livestreaming your event please use the form below or call 07748632399. Please be sure to include the date and venue for your event in your enquiry, if this is known.

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Mooma Media offers event livestreaming and filming throughout the Black Country and West Midlands region. Mooma’s live streaming services are ideal for virtual or hybrid events. Typical events include conferences, seminars, awards evenings and concerts.

Mooma Media can live stream your event to a platform of your choice including services like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook Live. Your live stream can also be fed into a meeting on Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts, and similar services. However, you should be aware that some of these have restrictions or require paid accounts. Mooma Media is happy to advise you at to which service might be right for your needs.

You can either host your livestream on your own account or Mooma Media can host the livestream for you on some services.

Mooma offers either single or multi-camera live streaming with high quality audio capture. This means that your online audience gets the best experience from your event.

Livestreaming with multiple cameras.

Learn more about my live-streaming services.

With regard to your livestreaming quote, please note.

Livestreaming requires a good Internet link with a stable upload speed of at least 5 megabits per second. Ideally this should be via a wired Ethernet connection. Live streaming is possible over Wi-Fi. However, public Wi-Fi at hotels and similar venues, is often subject to high traffic. This can reduce the bandwidth available for your livestream. 

Please ensure that your chosen venue has a suitable, preferably wired internet connection. You should also make sure that venue staff are aware that this will be needed for your event.

Live streaming is possible via the 4G networks when a good signal is available. However, high 4G traffic can also affect the bandwidth available for your lives-stream.

Mooma Media cannot accept responsibility for the availability or quality of the Internet connection at your chosen venue. I am happy to liaise with venue staff, prior to your event, however, in order to discuss technical requirements, if this is needed.

Find out more about the bandwidth needed for live-streaming.