Welcome to the Mooma Media school event filming and streaming page. Please continue reading to learn more about my live video production service for school shows and events. 

Filming school shows and events is nothing new. Ever since cine cameras became available to the general public, schools and parents have wanted to record kids performing. This trend grew as video cameras became mainstream, and has grown still further in the digital age. In addition, services like Vimeo and YouTube now enable anyone to broadcast over the internet. Therefore, it’s never been easier to film and share school shows and events with those who can’t attend in person. 

A school dance show. The perfect school event for filming or live streaming.

Why choose Mooma Media for filming or streaming your school event?

I have a great deal of experience with producing school performances and other events. As a former Director of Performing Arts, I’m fully aware of the pressures that students and staff are under to make each event a success. However, as a former school leader, I’m also aware of the constraints within a school that make compromise inevitable. This gives me unique insight into what is workable for school event filming. 

Single or multi-camera production?

The easiest method of school event filming or streaming is with a static camera. This is set up to capture the whole scene and just needs starting and stopping at the right times. While this is a simple, low-cost approach, it isn’t very exciting to watch. Therefore, I only recommend single camera production for short presentations.

For more dynamic results, a multi-camera production is a far better option. This involves several cameras, with a variety of viewpoints, to capture the action. I can then cut between these viewpoints in real-time, for a more immersive experience than a single camera allows. Most TV programmes use multi-camera production for this reason.

Diagram showing multi-camera production. Ideal for school event or show filming and live streaming

Embedding your slideshow during school event filming.

I can easily embed a presenter’s PowerPoint slideshow and other media into a multi-camera production. This is ideal for professional events like conferences, seminars, or teach-meets. It gives the viewer a much better viewing experience than simply pointing a camera at a projector screen. I can also use picture-in-picture, to show the presenter onscreen during a slideshow, if required.

Why schools should film and stream their shows and events?

A powerful reach into the community.

It’s important to celebrate the vibrance of your school in public. Showcasing concerts, dance shows, and even professional gatherings online is a powerful way to do this. Schools that celebrate the full range of their work online are at a significant advantage, in a competitive environment.

School event filming provides long-term promotional assets.

Movie footage of an impressive event lasts long after it has ended. This makes it a perfect asset for a school’s website and social media channels. Video extracts taken from school events can easily be recycled for inclusion in later promotional movies. They make excellent B-roll for talking heads, for example. They’re also ideal as part of the header or background videos on your school website.

If it’s worth doing, it’s probably worth filming!

Committing an event to video is much like putting important ideas on paper. Recording an event creates a permanent document for future enjoyment and future reference. Organising shows, concerts, and professional events can consume huge amounts of energy and often large sums of money. Therefore, preserving them is almost certainly worth the small additional cost involved.

Nice little earner!

Set up in the right way, online videos of your events can be turned into a revenue stream. Subscriber-only access can add value to either professional events or school performances. This can help to offset the costs of setting up the event and of having it recorded or live streamed.

Filming or streaming of a school choir at an event or show

Safeguarding and GDPR considerations when filming or streaming school events.

With suitable care, there is no reason to avoid the benefits of filming and live streaming school events. Your LA or Trust will have guidelines in place to ensure that both students and schools are protected. These often exceed protections required in law and, if followed, will ensure everyone’s safety. Building these into your event planning from the start is important, if you want your school event filmed or streamed.

Online doesn’t have to mean public!

Sadly, the internet has earned a ‘wild west’ reputation when it comes to safeguarding. This has created a taboo around the idea of live streaming or video sharing in some schools. However, there are plenty of options for making your online videos and live streams safe. 

For example, both YouTube and Vimeo have options for sharing content privately, with specific people. Both services also offer an ‘unlisted’ option, that effectively makes a video or live stream ex-directory. I’m quite happy to train your staff in setting up and managing an online video service safely. 

Please note that productions of published musicals may have copyright restrictions in place. It is important to check your contract for restrictions that may limit your ability to film or stream your school musical show. If restrictions are in place, you may still be able to negotiate rights to film or stream your school show by contacting the publisher.

Mooma Media offers a range of media production and media support services to schools across the West Midlands region. To find out more about the range of services available, please visit my Media Services for Schools page.