Video production: marketing videos and corporate videos for your organisation.

Marketing videos are well established as being highly effective promotional assets, enabling potential customers or partners to learn about businesses, products and services quickly. Videos are now a staple element of websites and social media advertising campaigns in all sectors of the economy. In addition, video is now regarded as one of the most powerful tools for training and sharing information.

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Company Profile Videos

Enhance your website and social media campaigns with an engaging company profile video. Explain your core aims and unique selling points, while bringing your brand’s personality to the screen. Tell your organisation’s story with footage of your services, products and team. A company profile video is a great vehicle for selling your brand and bringing your organisation’s story to life. The scope for this kind of production is almost endless, and because of its generalistic nature, this type of marketing film has a long shelf life as a promotional asset.

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Online Adverts and Product Showreels

While an online advert has a similar purpose to a traditional television commercial, it differs by not being limited in length and by not requiring anywhere near the budget to produce and broadcast. Video ads are a great way to project the personality of your company or organisation, through drama, humour, and characterisation; or by attention to mood and visual style.

Showreels can elevate the promotion of products and services way beyond the capacity of still photos, enabling customers to see them in action and in a real-world context.

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Customer Testimonials

Nothing is more powerful than the words of a satisfied customer. Simple to produce, yet engaging and an incredibly potent marketing tool, customer testimonials on your business’s website or social media channels will prove to be worth their weight in gold. 

Animated Explainer or ‘Toon’ Videos

Explain a service or product, train staff, engage students with a custom-produced cartoon explainer video. Ideal for your website, training programme or for inclusion in slide shows and email promotion, an animated explainer video is an extremely effective way to communicate complex information.

Whiteboard or Doodle Videos

A variation of the explainer video is the ever-popular Whiteboard or Doodle Video, which has taken the industry by storm in recent years, proving a corporate hit. Used by organisations all over the world for advertising, professional development and as teaching aids in schools, whiteboard videos are a powerful tool for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

Video Demonstrations (How to Videos)

Demonstrate products, features or services; to ensure your customer understands the potentials of purchasing your products and services or dealing with your organisation, as clearly as possible. Simplify complex issues with step by step visual demonstration. Add rich content to product pages on your website, increasing traffic and customer engagement by effectively giving them a training experience alongside product information.

Idents, Lower Thirds, Callouts, and Other Graphic Elements

Graphics can bring a touch of individuality, while also placing your organisation’s stamp firmly on a video production. Elements from your corporate branding, such as colours, logos, and other images are brought to life as animated elements, edited into your film.

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Video production contains a huge number of variables, including client requirements, setup demands, editing complexity, and so on; making generic pricing extremely difficult. The illustration below gives you some idea of what a typical live-action promotional project might cost.

Company profile video, 2-3 minutes in length:

  • 1-day of filming (6 hours) on-site, in a single location:
    • Interviews with key stakeholders.
    • B roll footage of products/services/premises, etc.
  • Sourcing of royalty-free background music.
  • Tallent release forms provided.
  • 1-day of post-production.
  • Off-line edit for client evaluation.
  • A single round of re-editing in response to the above.
  • Full HD (1080p) MP4 video file via cloud transfer.

£499 (illustration only)


  • Illustration assumes that:
    • Interviewees can perform reasonably efficiently.
    • Only filming equipment (cameras, lighting and audio) is required; i.e. no additional talent/set/props/makeup, etc are needed.
    • Filming environment is suitable, safe, and under the control of the client, i.e. no additional security arrangements or filming permissions are necessary.
    • On-site time includes setup and takedown.
  • Reshoots, additional re-edits, multiple locations, etc; available at additional cost.

Mooma Media offers a range of video production services to individuals, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations operating in the West Midlands region. Mooma is happy to supply competitive quotes to produce website or social media marketing videos and to film or live-stream events. To find out more about any of Mooma Media’s services, use the contact button below.