Welcome to my marketing video page. I provide filming and production services for marketing and promotional videos to businesses and organisations throughout the Black Country and West Midlands. Please continue reading to learn more about my marketing and promotional video production service and how it could help your business.

The scope of online marketing videos to promote your business is almost endless. Some explain how a single product or service meets a need, while others showcase a whole enterprise. Some share their message through live-action, while others use drawings, cartoons, or text. Marketing videos sometimes tell a story, using comedy, or drama while other times they give information directly.

You can create generic promotional and marketing videos easily, using a range of apps. These tend to use whiteboard or cartoon animation, or sometimes ready-made, stock video from an online library. A generic video like this might be fine for your business. However, you may want something more bespoke that shows your business and its products or services. This will feel much more authentic and will help to build trust in your brand. For this you need live action video.

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Below is an example promotional video for one of the region’s leading artisan ceramicists, The Headless Cross Potter. This combines personal interview footage with product showcasing and live-action shots of the subject at work in his Redditch studio.




Why choose Mooma Media for your online marketing videos?

A well thought out and well produced marketing video is an excellent asset for your business. But at the same time, a poorly conceived and poorly produced video can be more than just a waste of effort. At worst, it will annoy your target audience and actively discourage them from exploring your brand any further.

I work with clients from the very early stages of pre-production to the finished product. This means that the project stays focussed on its original goals from start to finish. I’m happy to support you with story and script development, taking your promotional message from concept to screen. 

Online marketing videos don’t have to be complex or ambitious to work well. However, they do need to deliver your message clearly, without grating or annoying in any way. Viewers see high quality adverts across the internet and on TV every day. They expect high standards, and you need to deliver.

I’ve worked with video, both filming and editing for more than thirty years. I use broadcast grade equipment at all stages of production and edit with industry standard software. As a result, your finished marketing video will be ready to compete with the best.

Is there a process for creating successful marketing videos?

It can be tempting to shoot a marketing video without really planning things too much. You simply grab loads footage and then build your message or story from material you’ve filmed. You can then add voiceovers or text to fill any gaps in your message. Simple. Right? 

The truth is that, while you might get away with this, in most cases, it pays to be far more systematic about production. This is where knowledge and experience are worth their weight in gold!

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Pre-production planning.

It’s important that you identify clear marketing aims before production starts. Otherwise, its highly likely that your project will fail to deliver. This begins with identifying your target audience, their needs, and their values. From here, you can go on to develop visual and narrative ideas for your promotional video. 

I’ll work with you throughout the creative planning process to help make sure that your finished marketing video has the best chance of success.

Picture of a hand drawn storyboard for planning a marketing video

Once your audience and a message has been identified, you can begin developing ideas for your video

There are lots of practical things to consider before you start a video production. Failing to make sure that everything and everyone is in place can be a recipe for disaster. There may also be admin issues for you to sort out before filming starts. Having to stop production because you didn’t think about a simple practical problem or because you didn’t get permission for something is a real pain.

My 30 years+ experience of working on media projects means I’m used to risk assessing likely issues before they become a problem. 

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Filming your marketing video.

Photo of a marketing video being filmed

A marketing video in production.

Once you have finished the creative and practical planning for your marketing video, it’s time to start filming. This is often the most ‘fun’ part of a video project, but it can also be the most stressful. 

Unless you’re using professional talent in your marketing video, many of the people appearing will be novices. Some individuals may be so nervous that they struggle to perform. If this happens, it’s important that someone has the skills needed to coach them through their ordeal.

I’ve worked with talent of all ages and levels of experience over many years. One of my strengths is my ability to put people at ease in a situation that I know they may find stressful. I also use filming and editing techniques that support those who are less confident.

If you’re planning to film your promotional video in a busy workplace, you will want to avoid too much disruption. Afterall, you’re running a business rather than a film studio. You will also want filming to run as smoothly as possible, without avoidable delays. 

I use low fuss production methods whenever possible. This limits impact on your workplace and helps to reduce stress levels. My equipment choice and workflow also help things to run smoothly during filming. In other words, I’ll avoid making anything complex that I should keep simple

Bringing it all together.

The final stage of production is to edit your marketing video. Graphics, music, text, and special effects all become options to consider. However, it’s important to stick to your original goals and not to indulge your creative urges at the cost of the finished product. The same thing applies to basic editing. Keeping your message clear and on target should be at the heart of every editing decision. 

Because I’ve seen the project through from the start, I can keep the finished promotional video firmly in control. From choosing the best takes to finding the right music, my editing experience helps me to keep the finished video focused and engaging from the first frame to the last.

Stourbridge-based Mooma Media offers event audio-visual support, event filming, live-streaming, video production, and still photography services to businesses, the public sector, and other non-commercial organisations throughout the Black Country and the wider West Midlands region. To discuss your project, or for a competitive quote click the button below.

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