High-quality video production: talking head, corporate, promotional, marketing, training and education.

Video is now key to marketing in all sectors of the UK economy. As a result, videos are a common on websites and social media channels across the internet. In addition, video is seen as one of the most potent tools for training, education, and information sharing. This means that almost every organisation now needs to include it in their marketing and general communication strategies. 

Mooma Media brings professional video production to businesses and non-commercial organisations, of all sizes. Mooma operates throughout the West Midlands region, in any safe location, and on any ethically sound project, delivering on-time and on-budget.

Studio lighting, chroma key, portable backgrounds, auto-cue, single and multi camera production are all available, if required. Also, aerial filming is available in strict compliance with CAA guidelines and safety requirements.

Whatever your video production requirements, Mooma Media will be happy to help.

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Talking head

High quality talking head videos shot from single or multiple angles, with professional lighting and audio capture.


Narrative or showreel style videos for products, services, and events of all kinds, filmed and edited for maximum impact.


Deliver your organisation’s key messages with clarity, engaging and motivating your target audience.

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Talking head videos

Talking head videos are hugely popular. This is because they make simple, engaging, and cost effective media content. Talking head videos are also very versatile. This because they can be used on their own, as part of a larger project, and across multiple projects. Talking head videos are ideal for marketing and promotion, or training and education. Learn more about my talking head video production.

Talking head, corporate style video still image, showing a man talking to the camera.


Promotional showreels and online commercials have a similar purpose to traditional TV adverts. However, they differ by not being limited in length and by not requiring anywhere near the budget to broadcast. Online marketing videos are a great way to project the personality of your brand, through drama, humour, and characterisation; or through mood and visual style.

Marketing video still image showing members of a theatre production on stage.
Marketing video still image showing members of a theatre production on stage.

Marketing videos

Showreels and other kinds of online marketing videos are similar to traditional TV adverts. However, they’re not limited in length and don’t cost anywhere near so much to broadcast. Also, online marketing videos are a great way to show the personality of your brand. Doing this through drama, humour, and character; or through mood and visual style. Learn more about my marketing video production.

Corporate videos

Corporate videos are fast becoming a first call method for delivering key messages to audiences both inside and outside organisations. This is because, video is a versatile and impactful medium for sharing information. It is also perfect for anything from team training to engaging potential stakeholders.  Learn more about my corporate video production services.

Image representing corporate video: an aerial photograph of a hotel and conference centre.

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