Welcome to my talking head video production page. I’m available to film your talking head videos anywhere in the Black Country and West Midlands region. Please continue reading to learn more about my talking head video production and how it could benefit you. While you’re here, why not take a look at my talking head showreel video below to get an idea of what I can do for your business or organisation.

Talking head videos are one of the most cost-effective media assets at our disposal. They’re extremely versatile and have a long shelf life. We can use them to deliver key messages about almost anything, to almost any audience. Talking head videos can be found in abundance, almost anywhere there is a screen. 

Why choose Mooma Media for your talking head videos

Poorly produced talking head videos fail to engage and therefore fail to deliver. Sub-standard lighting and sound are probably the most common and most damaging issues found in self-produced talking heads. However, these aren’t the only inherent problems. 

It’s tempting to believe that broadcast-quality video is possible with enough enthusiasm and a mobile phone. However, in the real world at least, this simply isn’t true. 

Well-produced talking head videos, seen both online and on TV, have set high standards, which audiences now expect. You’re talking heads need to reach these in order to compete.

I produce talking head videos to the highest quality, using broadcast-grade equipment throughout the process. All of my footage is captured in high resolution and edited to your requirements, using industry-standard software. 

I’m happy to provide support with story development, taking your key messages from concept to screen. I can also assist with talent coaching and rehearsal, to ensure that even onscreen novices are at ease. Teleprompter (auto-cue) is available for all my talking head productions to assist talent during recording.

I can deliver talking heads in an archive or internet-ready file format as needed. Lead-time varies for talking head videos but can be as little as 48 hours.

Portable TV studio set up ready to film talking head videos.

My portable studio set up ready to film talking head videos.

Points to consider for successful talking head videos.

Not just a talking head!

A talking head video could just involve a static camera pointed at someone, in theory. Simply press record before the talent starts speaking and stop when they’ve finished. Publish to a website or social media service and voila! Easy, right? 

Unfortunately, things are significantly more complex in reality. Clean takes are rare, even for professional talent. In addition, it’s rather dull to see a completely static view of someone talking for more than maybe 45 seconds.

You can add interest to a talking head with periodic reframing, which is also a great way to mask cuts. You can achieve this either by using different camera angles or by alternating between close and wide framing during editing. Either of these methods works well, but each is more suited to a different style of talking head production.

Another useful method for achieving the same goals is cutting to B-roll. This involves using other footage or still images as cutaways, while the talking head audio continues beneath. Filming with creative angles, focussing, and camera movement to add interest, also makes B-roll visually engaging.

You can also use supporting text and graphics in a talking head video. This increase viewer engagement while also adding impact to key messages.

My experience in filming talking head interviews, capturing B-roll footage, and editing these assets into a finished product is extensive. I’ll take care to discuss the most fitting style of capture and overall production for your project before filming begins.

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Findings of eyetracking research into talking head videos from Neilsen Norman Group

Making the most, or least of the background.

Using background elements to add context to a subject works well for some talking-head videos. For example, filming a CEO against the background of a lavish office helps to show their status. In this case, it’s probably best to show everything clearly, with suitable lighting and sharpness across the frame. Alternatively, selective focus can be a very useful way of masking a distracting or messy background. This also helps to isolate the subject.

Still from talking head video with slightly blurred background

Blurring the background a little can help to separate the subject from it.

A portable background can be used if a suitable setting can’t be found. Colour and texture choice are often important, when this is the case, along with suitable lighting.

I conduct a site visit before filming talking head videos, whenever possible. This means that I can choose the most appropriate location and equipment for the shoot. This includes portable backgrounds if required.

Lighting talking head videos.

It’s possible to film successful talking head videos using available light. However, in practice, it’s often a good idea to introduce controlled lighting for better results. For example, room lighting may be too weak for good exposure or it may vary too much in quality and colour for good results. In addition, natural light is often difficult to work with, because it can change so much.

Classic three-point lighting always works very well for talking heads, if the situation allows. This takes time to set up but gives really good results. More striking lighting setups may also work well. You should take care not to overdo lighting for talking head videos, however. A business interview that ends up looking like a high drama movie might feel quite strange.

I use pro lighting equipment that can cope with most situations. This ranges from small on-camera lights for very low disruption filming to large static panels for studio-style lighting. Working with production lighting for many years has enabled me to judge what’s needed, from both a creative and a practical viewpoint.

The sound is half the picture.

Good sound recording is probably the biggest barrier to successful self-produced talking head videos. Specialist equipment and knowledge are essential to capture effective audio.

Good quality sound is crucial for talking head videos because most of the information comes via speech. If the viewer finds it hard to understand what the subject is saying, the video won’t be very successful. Muffled audio, background noise, and ambient reverb are the biggest problems.

I record voices with absolute clarity by recording only with pro audio equipment. In addition, I take care to reduce and, where possible, remove the intrusion of unwanted ambient noise. I can also use my experience to assess room acoustics and other problems. This ensures that I always capture clean, clear audio.

Talking head video: picture of microphone on a boom pole to represent audio capture

George Lucas famously said that ‘The sound is half of the picture’, meaning that, without good audio, even the best images will fail.

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