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Video is one of the most potent forms of communication. Movies are far better at engaging audiences than other forms of media, according to research. This is even more so for younger audiences. The power of video is discussed in depth in a post from the Digital Marketing Institute: The Key Role of Video Marketing. Video is, therefore, a perfect tool for reaching students and their parents. Many schools already use videos to promote their school. Many more are turning to educational video production for learning and for general comms.

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equipment setup to film talking heads for school video production

Why choose Mooma Media for your next school video production?

Schools have a special place in the heart of my media content business. Before starting the company, I worked in secondary schools for many years, teaching photography and media production. In addition, I’ve worked in school senior leadership and also served on school governing bodies. As a result, I have a great deal of affection for schools and I very much understand how they function.

The unique challenges of educational video production.

In an online age, schools need to share high-quality media content. However, school video production needs to be sensitive to a number of pressures. Budget, time constraints, safeguarding, disruption, representation, permission, and even workforce assent are all concerns. However, a school’s communication and marketing must be both relevant and credible in an age of increased competition. Fortunately, I bring production know-how, partnered with a great deal of insight, to the table.

Happy customers.

I’ve supported schools across the Black Country, with marketing, comms, and curriculum-based school video production. Past projects include school promotional films, virtual tours, key project showcases, and explainer videos. These have been viewed thousands of times, helping to share key messages and getting extremely positive feedback from students and parents.

Enhanced CRB clearance.

Safeguarding is a primary concern for any school. However, I hold enhanced CRB clearance. This means that you can rest assured about student safety while I work on your premises.

Low disruption.

School video production can be a disruptive process if it isn’t kept in check. With this in mind, I aim for low disruption production methods whenever possible. This means keeping fuss and kit levels to a minimum and seeking ways to simplify rather than complicate the process. However, multiple camera rigs, aerial filming, lighting, and specialist audio equipment are all available when required.

School children doing a science lesson used for school promotional video

Possibilities for school video production.

Reportage or script to screen production. The choice is yours.

A simple ad-lib approach is sometimes best for school content creation. A good example of this might be a showcase film for a curriculum project. Footage can be captured quickly and spontaneously, then edited together to form a coherent story. On-screen text and voiceovers can then be used to add key information after the event. This production style is commonly used in TV news articles, for example, and is often described as run-and-gun filming. 

However, careful pre-production planning is sometimes crucial. For example, school promotional films require scripting, scene planning, and careful scheduling. They need to be focused and engaging while sharing key messages with their target audience clearly. This article from Biteable provides a useful guide to scripting a marketing video: video script writing 101My extensive school experience allows me to offer informed support during this stage of your school video production.

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Talking heads.

Talking heads are a staple of school video production. They are used widely in school promotional films, info-movies, and online learning videos. Talking heads are useful for sharing key messages, while at the same time adding a personal touch to video content.

My talking head recordings bring broadcast-quality video and audio to your production. I can provide multiple or single camera capture, along with specialist lighting, autocue, and portable backgrounds. I can also provide chroma-key (green screen) capture if needed.

An airborne drone of the kind sometimes used in school video production

Aerial video (drone) capture.

Aerial video footage is always popular in school video productions. It makes for excellent establishing shots and is a great way to show off your school site. While I’m happy to capture aerial video on request, this must be strictly within CAA guidelines. Aerial filming can create some issues regarding filming permissions and safeguarding, although these are rare. With this in mind, aerial filming is best done outside normal school hours, unless specific shots containing students are required. 

Mooma Media offers a range of media production and media support services to schools across the West Midlands region. To find out more about the range of services available, please visit my Media Services for Schools page.