Livestream your event anywhere in the Midlands with the help of Mooma Media. Mooma Media offers media services, including filming and livestreaming, to businesses, public sector organisations, and charities throughout the Black Country and West Midlands region.

My livestreaming service.

If you’re holding a conference, performance, seminar, or ceremony, then you’ll probably benefit from having it livestreamed over the internet. If your gathering is anywhere in the Black Country or West Midlands region and you need a partner to help you to livestream your event, then look no further.

I can livestream your event to any content distribution network, e.g., Youtube, Facebook Live, Linkedin Live, etc. Alternatively, my equipment can feed into your meeting on any video conferencing service, e.g, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc. My livestreaming service includes single or multi-camera video capture. I can also integrate your slideshow and other media into the livestream.

In addition to ensuring high-quality video, I also carry equipment suitable for pristine audio capture of multiple presenters and Q&A panels. I can patch my microphone array into any house PA system to improve in-room audio. Alternatively, I can also supply a PA suitable for speech-based events in spaces up to 400 square metres in size.

Continue reading to find out more about my live video broadcasting service and how I can help you to stream your event.  

Livestreaming a conference event in the midlands, using multiple cameras.

Livestreaming with multiple cameras allows a variety of shot to be included in the live broadcast.

Why livestream your Midlands based event?

Livestreaming is an ideal way of extending your event’s reach well beyond those who are there in person and well beyond the Midlands region. This means you can increase your exposure and also potentially increase direct revenue from your event.

Recently we have seen, more than ever, that in-person attendance at work and in other circumstances is just one way to participate. For all sorts of reasons, many people are now engaging with any number of experiences differently. 

In the past, holding events often required large central venues or scheduling multiple dates to satisfy demand. Both of these options could prove costly for your business or organisation. At the same time, those attending large central events could face off-putting expenses for transport and hotels. In addition, they may well have their working day extended considerably by travel time.

While many people will always prefer to attend some events in person, demand has certainly increased for remote attendance. We now have readily available technology for providing an engaging experience for those attending events online. Why not take your organisation’s events to the next level with live internet streaming?

See how Tech Jury and video hosting service, Vimeo see the world of live streaming in the future.

Why choose Mooma Media to livestream your event?

I have more than thirty years experience of working not just in video, but also in working on all kinds of events. In fact, I’ve been involved in more performances, presentations, and conferences than I would care to mention. As a result, I fully understand the pressures and constraints that live production brings. From on and off-stage drama, tight schedules, and venue politics, to auditorium safety issues, I very much know the score.

I use professional-grade equipment throughout my livestreaming productions to ensure that both video and audio are captured perfectly. My multi-camera live production setup allows me to create an engaging experience for the viewer. 

Live streaming rig with multiple cameras and video switcher

Live streaming rig pictured with PTZ robotic cameras.

Single or multi-camera production to livestream your event?

You can obviously stream your event with a single static camera or even a phone connected to the internet. If you rig this to capture the whole stage, then all that’s needed is to start and stop the stream at either end of your event. While this is a simple, low-cost approach, it’s not exactly interesting or convincing to watch. Therefore, I only recommend single-camera production for very short presentations.

I prefer to use multi-camera production when livestreaming most events as this gives more dynamic results. For this I set up several cameras, normally three, with a variety of viewpoints, to capture the action. I then cut between these shots in real-time, for a much more immersive experience than a single camera allows. Most TV programmes use multi-camera production for this reason.

Two of the cameras in my live streaming setup are robotic PTZ devices. This means that I can zoom in or pan them remotely for a wide variety of shots. 

Diagram showing multi-camera production. Ideal for school event or show filming and live streaming

Multi-camera live streaming explained.

Embedding slideshows when livestreaming your event.

I can easily include your PowerPoint slideshow and other media into a multi-camera production. I find this is ideal for professional events like conferences, and seminars. Showing slides directly from their source makes them far clearer than simply pointing a camera at a projector screen. With picture-in-picture techniques, I can also include both the presenter and slideshow onscreen, if required.

“Sound is half the picture” (George Lucas).

A common issue found in low-value event streaming is poor sound. Many streamers rely on auto-level, on-camera mics and only pay attention to visual quality. If your event contains speech or music, this will result in confused, often echoey sound. The clarity of what is being said by presenters or performers will be lost, making viewing hard work!

When I stream your event, I’ll use an array of cabled and wireless mics to capture crystal clear audio. Alternatively, I can tap into your venue’s PA system, again capturing a direct, clear sound. If your event includes a panel Q&A or discussion, I can provide multiple mics for panel members. My setup also includes wireless mics for audience questions.


Photograph of microphone array, ideal for capturing panel discussion for a livestream.

I can easily capture a panel discussion/Q&A with multiple microphones.

Branding and other onscreen information.

To make the most of streaming your event, I can overlay your branding and credits as required on-screen. You may also want to include lower thirds text and other graphics for some parts of your broadcast. 

Don’t lose your online audience during breaks.

You may want additional media or information shown during breaks in your event, rather than an empty stage. I can easily include pre-recorded videos, slide shows, infographics, and so on in your event’s live stream.

Why stop with a livestream of your Midlands event?

Just because your event is being streamed live, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a permanent copy. If required, I can record an HD film of the whole stream from start to end. You can then use this footage to advertise future events, for general promotion of your organisation, or just for posterity. 


Mooma Media provides its services under the following assumptions:

  • You have permission from the copyright holder to use third party materials.
  • You have the consent of those present to appear in the livestream and/or recording thereof.
  • The event venue has consented to the livestream.

Learn more about copyright.

Stourbridge-based Mooma Media offers event audio-visual support, event filming, live-streaming, video production, and still photography services to businesses, the public sector, and other non-commercial organisations throughout the Black Country and the wider West Midlands region. To discuss your project, or for a competitive quote click the button below.

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