Welcome to my Corporate Video Production page. I provide filming and other production services for corporate video throughout the Black Country and West Midlands. I’m happy to film in any safe, easily accessible location using professional lighting and studio backdrop as required. Please read on to find out more about how my corporate video production services can help businesses and not-for-profit bodies throughout the Black Country and wider West Midlands region.

What exactly is corporate video production, why does it matter, and how can it help me?

Are you building an online promotional strategy? Will you be developing a training programme in the near future? Are you working on general communication processes within your organisation?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you’re likely to be looking closely at corporate video production. 

But what is corporate video production? How does corporate video differ from marketing video? What does a corporate video look and feel like? And how do you go about making a corporate video?

Image of young man with beard being filmed for a corporate video.

Shooting a talking head as part of a corporate video production.

Corporate video production in a nutshell.

Corporate video production is the process of making an information-centered movie for a business or organisation. It involves the steps taken on the end-to-end journey of creating an effective, professional video product. Audiences for corporate videos include existing stakeholders, and also potential partners and customers.

I can support your organisation throughout the corporate video production process, ensuring maximum impact from your corporate films. 

Great examples of corporate videos

How do corporate videos differ from marketing videos?

While there are a number of crossovers between corporate video and marketing video, it’s useful to separate the two.

In general, marketing video tends to be thought of as focussing directly on promoting/advertising products and services to customers. Corporate video, on the other hand, is used for a much broader range of communication and messaging in a corporate setting. This can include things like general information, recruitment, and training, as well as purely promotional material. 

When producing a corporate video, you should remember that everything you share reflects upon your organisation. With this in mind, quality counts; therefore, hiring a professional for the job will ultimately pay dividends. In particular, it’s crucial that speech-based information videos include crystal clear audio, to ensure that your message comes across clearly.

My corporate video productions are filmed and edited to the highest standards using professional cameras and audio equipment throughout.

What does a corporate video look like?

Corporate video includes a huge range of possibilities including the following popular formats:

Promotional videos

Promotional videos are where corporate and marketing video production overlap; however, promotional videos tend to be less overt. For example, your promotional video might talk about your company’s origins, aims, and ethos, rather than advertising a particular product.

Your promotional video might feature talking head recordings of stakeholders talking about the organisation. You might want to look behind the scenes of a manufacturing or service process. You could include footage of your company’s plant, fleet, or premises or might make use of customer testimonials.

Training videos

Training videos are used when you want to increase understanding or skills within your target audience. They can include talking heads, talking text, ‘how to’ animations, ‘whiteboard’ style material, or live-action. The key here is to pass on the information as effectively as possible. Therefore, your training videos will need very clearly defined aims and structure. You will often want to use multiple elements simultaneously or to employ repetition and recap to make your message stick.

Internal and external communications videos

Communication videos are perfect for delivering things like company news, policy changes, organisational developments, and so on. They are an excellent way for you to keep stakeholders informed. While comm’s videos have this obvious function, they also help you to maintain an ongoing sense of activity and progress. Regular communication videos serve the same function as newsletters of old.

My services include live-action filming, still and motion graphics, whiteboard-style animation, and talking head-style interviews. Combined, these allow me to meet most needs for corporate films.

What does the production process look like?

The prospect of filming a corporate video is an exciting one. However, to ensure that your finished video production is successful, there are several clear steps that you need to take.


Launching gun-ho into making a corporate video is unlikely to give you the results you desire. Time taken in pre-production will reap vast rewards in the long run.

The first thing you need to do is form as clear a picture as possible of the aims of the project. This involves clearly identifying your audience, defining your message, deciding on a style, and creating a narrative to deliver your message. 

Practical planning for any video production is absolutely vital. You will need to coordinate people, places, equipment, and other resources effectively, while also planning for contingencies where necessary. This is often the key to whether your project will succeed or fail. 

My experience and knowledge ensure that my corporate video productions are well planned and prepared. I’ll support you from the beginning of your project to ensure that your production is as stress-free as possible.

Production: ‘lights, camera, action’…. oh, and don’t forget sound!

This is where stuff happens, and ideas take on life. However, it’s also where disappointment is often born. Filming isn’t just about pointing a camera in the right direction and pressing record. You need to consider framing, focus, and lighting for every shot, maintaining consistency throughout the project. 

I’ll give sound a special mention as it’s where many corporate videos fail. George Lucas famously stated that sound is half the picture, meaning that it is key to understanding the story. Ensuring high-quality audio, particularly intelligible speech, is very demanding, requiring know-how and the right equipment. 

Learn more about recording sound for video

In addition to technical considerations, it’s crucial to manage your on-screen talent in order to get the best from them. Bearing in mind that those appearing in your corporate video may be novices, suitable coaching, and rehearsal will be needed.

You will also need to ensure that you stick to the plans made in pre-production. If you’ve planned well then managing production becomes almost like following a recipe, albeit a complex one. A slick, well-managed shoot will help to maximise success while also minimising disruption to your busy workplace.

I bring a well-developed skill set to managing the production stage of your corporate video production. In addition, my experience enables me to minimise stress for your onscreen talent throughout.

Talking head video: picture of microphone on a boom pole to represent audio capture

George Lucas famously said that ‘The sound is half of the picture’, meaning that without good audio, event the best images will fail.


Eventually, your corporate video will need to be edited and processed to create a final useable product. Again, sticking to the plot, while ensuring balance, consistency, and impact is important. At this point, deciding what you want to leave out can be just as important as deciding what you want to include.

Reviewing your video during the post-production process is essential to make sure that it meets your needs. This process also ensures the best quality outcome for your production.

I’m happy to support you throughout all stages of the production process to ensure that your corporate video is a success and to ensure a relatively low disruption, stress-free experience.

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