Promotional photography packages for schools from £275*

Welcome to the Mooma Media schools promotional photography page. Read on to learn more about my promotional and marketing photography services for schools in the Black Country and across the West Midlands region.

Marketing photographs of your school in action are powerful and versatile media assets. Promotional photographs can be used in your school prospectus, on your website, on social media, or simply for display in your public spaces. Carefully managed photographs can be designed to help reinforce your school’s identity and values. Meanwhile, reportage-style photos can convey the richness of learning and engagement of students within your school. Photographs are also an excellent way to celebrate and document special learning activities and school events.

* 1 day of photography services: typically 3-4 hours on-site image capture and 3-4 hours editing.

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Why choose Mooma Media for your school’s promotional photography?

Schools are a key focus of my photography and video business. Before starting the company, I worked in secondary schools for many years, teaching photography and media production. Part of my role was inevitably taking publicity photographs for school events and keeping promotional photographs fresh on websites and social media. 

In addition to my school media work, I served more than ten years in senior leadership and also sat as a staff governor. As a result, I have much affection for schools, and I understand how they operate day-to-day. This means that I can apply my photographic skills with empathy toward the more subtle demands of school marketing.

School promotional photography example of group shot outside with students in uniform

The unique challenges of promotional photography for schools.

School marketing photography involves being sensitive to key concerns, such as safeguarding, inclusion, and representation. It also means creating high-impact marketing content, while keeping a suitable level of decorum and authenticity. Awareness and management of these sometimes-conflicting pressures are core to the job of creating successful school publicity photographs. 

Schools are also concerned, quite rightly, with issues concerning data privacy and GDPR. However, LAs and trusts all have clear school photography guidelines to protect everyone involved. The good news is that, by and large, these guidelines, much like GDPR itself, allow much more than they prohibit!

My extensive experience of working in schools makes me sensitive to the issues involved. I hold Enhanced CRB clearance and operate in compliance with GDPR requirements at all times.

Common myths surrounding photographs of students and GDPR: TES-2018

Possibilities for your school’s promotional photographs.

Special events.

Photos are a great way to publicise, celebrate, and document your school’s special events. Why not make the most of your Christmas concert, sports day, dance show, or school musical with professional publicity photographs? Photos of your key events are ideal for your website, social media accounts, prospectus, or just for general display. In addition, high-quality photos are a great way for your school to preserve the memory of special events. Over time, your school can build an archive of images, either as permanent wall displays or in an online gallery. This is a great way to create a legacy for future cohorts.

Much of my photographic work in schools has involved capturing images to publicise performances and other special occasions. I’m happy to attend rehearsals or live performances to capture your students in action. In addition, I’m happy to take pre-event publicity photographs for marketing and for use in programmes, etc.

School event publicity photograph example: Student cast of  the musical Grease shown in and around a large pink Cadillac

Curriculum projects

In most schools, barely a week goes by without some kind of exciting curriculum project taking place. Why not make the most of these with high-quality photographs for your website and social media channels?

I’m happy to attend your school to take photos of your curriculum projects. In many cases, depending upon timing, I can also deliver edited images before leaving the premises.

Group photos and portraits.

There are several reasons why you may need high-quality portraits or group photos of students or staff. For example, you may require corporate-style headshots of your school leadership team for your website. Alternatively, you may need team photos for your PE department foyer. It’s also becoming common for schools to display staffing maps in key areas to help younger students. Of course, you will almost certainly want group images for your prospectus, website, or social media channels. Whether formal or informal, portraits and group shots are a mainstay of school promotional photography.

If required I can easily set up a portable studio for more formal photos, in a space such as your school hall. Again, in many cases, I can deliver images before leaving the premises.


School publicity materials are frequently packed with carefully composed photos of happy students wearing beaming smiles. This type of image is clearly worth its weight in gold for promoting an impression of well-being in your school. However, it’s just as important that your marketing materials show engagement and focus during day-to-day learning. More than ever, schools are now keen to show the hard-working, academic side of their character. Pictures of lessons and other activities in full flow send important messages about your school’s core business. 

Having worked in the classroom for several decades, I have a good instinct for the dynamics of a lesson. This enables me to capture engaging photos, but also to know when it’s time to get out of the way.

School marketing photography example of reportage style shot of a lesson in progress with a teacher helping a child.

Facilities and grounds.

Facilities make ideal subject matter for school marketing photographs. Sports areas, stages, labs, ICT suites, and workshops help to tell your school’s story, while also making for exciting images. Likewise, photos of pleasant outdoor surroundings continue the narrative of your school’s provision and setting.

Schools often invest in premium spaces and equipment, which can set them apart from their neighbours. Therefore, it makes sense for schools to capitalise on these in their marketing materials, particularly while they’re still in good shape.

If you have a new building, a newly refurbished room, or some exciting new equipment, I can capture engaging promotional photos for you. In many cases, edited photos can be delivered while I’m on site.


School promotional photography often includes outside images of school buildings. Aerial photos are ideal for your website header, prospectus cover, or simply for display in your reception area. Aerial images of outdoor activities are also exciting and unusual, and once again make ideal school marketing and promotional photographs.

I’m happy to take aerial photographs of your school site and outdoor activities. However, flights must be conducted strictly within CAA guidelines

School promotional photography example of an aerial shot of imposing school buildings.

Stourbridge-based Mooma Media offers video production, filming, photography, live-streaming, and media support services to schools throughout the Black Country and West Midlands region. To find out more about the range of services available, please visit my Media Services for Schools page.

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