Let Mooma Media film your midlands event, live, with single or multiple cameras. 

Mooma Media brings live event filming to the Black Country and wider West Midlands region. Please continue reading to learn more about my live video production service for all kinds of gatherings. 

My event filming service: 

I can film your event anywhere in the West Midlands, with either single or multiple cameras. My filming service is perfect for corporate or association events, including conferences, seminars, and launches. In addition, I’m also happy to film your performance or society presentation event in and around the West Midlands region.

My event filming includes the audio support needed to capture Q&A sessions and multiple presenters with high-quality sound.

I can also provide sound reinforcement suitable for speech-based events in spaces up to 400 square metres in size.

Why film your events?

Filming your events can prove an ideal way of capitalising on the hard work and expense of organising and holding them. People who organise professional performances and sporting events, for example, have understood the value of filming them for decades. Organisers don’t just do this for posterity, but also for the ongoing revenue and other benefits that archive footage can provide. If you hold conferences, seminars, performances, or just about any other kind of presentation, you can also benefit from having those events filmed. 

A camera being used to film an event

Filming a corporate event.

What exactly are the benefits of having your event filmed?

You can use footage from your event films to promote similar events in the future. In addition, you can also use it to highlight your activity and show yourself as a player in your chosen sector.

You’ll find that archive film of your event is perfect for you to use in your social media marketing and on your website. It’s also ideal for you to use on digital displays in public areas of your premises. 

If you are a public sector or charity organisation, you can use film of events to evidence your activity to funding agencies, sponsors, and other stakeholders. You may even find that your event lends itself to being captured on film that can be sold as a product in its own right. 

More about event filming.

Why choose Mooma Media to film your midlands event?

I have worked on performances, conferences, and other types of events for over thirty years. As a result, I fully understand the pressures and constraints that live production brings. From on and off-stage drama, tight schedules, and venue politics, to auditorium safety issues, I very much know the score.

I use professional-grade equipment throughout my production process to ensure that both video and audio are captured perfectly. My multi-camera live production setup allows me to create a more engaging experience for the viewer. Using live multi-camera switching means that I can also turn around live filming projects quickly.

Film your event with multiple cameras and other media sources?

I can make a simple film of your event with a single static camera. This involves simply setting this up to film the whole stage and then start and stop it at the beginning and end of your event. While this is an easy, low-cost approach, it isn’t very exciting to watch. Therefore, I only recommend single-camera production for very short presentations.

If you need more dynamic results, multi-camera production is a far better option. This involves several cameras, with a variety of viewpoints, to capture the action. I then cut between these shots in real-time, for a much more immersive experience than a single camera allows. Most TV programmes use multi-camera production for this reason.

event filming with multiple cameras and other media sources.

Using multiple camera s and adding other media sources provides a more immersive viewing experience.

Embedding slideshows as your event is filmed.

I can easily embed a presenter’s PowerPoint slideshow and other media into a multi-camera production. This is perfect if your event is a conference or seminar. By doing this viewers have a far more interesting viewing experience than by pointing a camera at a projector screen. I can also include both the presenter and slideshow onscreen, by using picture-in-picture techniques if required.

‘Sound is half the picture’ (George Lucas).

Some video makers treat sound pretty much as an afterthought, concentrating purely upon the visual aspects of filming. In many cases, this means that poor sound quality makes presenters’ or performers’ speech hard to understand. This can be hard work for the viewer!

When filming your event, I’ll use a combination of professional cabled and wireless microphones to capture crystal clear audio. Alternatively, I can tap into the venue’s PA system as appropriate. I also carry a high specification audio mixer for more complex situations, which includes auto-mixing features for Q&A sessions and so on.

Livestreaming a conference event, with individual panel mics and lectern mic.

Capturing good quality sound is essential for a high quality viewing experience.

Finishing touches for your event film.

I can add your branding and credits as required to help make the most of having your event filmed. You may also want to include lower thirds text and other graphic overlays. More complex additions are best applied during post-production. However, I can add simple start and end material, continuous logos, and so on during filming.

If required, I can deliver unedited footage of your event on a memory card immediately following the event. If you require more polished results: presenter changeovers removed, complex graphics and text added, etc; I can normally turn this around within 48 hours.

Edited highlights.

You don’t need to use all of your event footage intact. One of the most useful outcomes of filming your event would be a compilation of the best moments. Depending on your event, you may find an edited mix of selected highlights, short interviews, establishing shots of the venue, etc, very useful. 

You can use an overview or trailer video like this for promoting future events. In fact, once filmed, there’s no limit to how you can put your event footage to use. 

I’m quite happy to shoot additional footage before and after your event, including audience testimonials, and presenter interviews. I can then combine this with footage from the main event itself to create a short overview movie as required.


Mooma Media provides its services under the following assumptions:

  • You have permission from the copyright holder to use third party materials.
  • You have the consent of those present to be filmed.
  • The event venue has consented to filming.

Learn more about copyright.

Stourbridge-based Mooma Media offers event audio-visual support, event filming, live-streaming, video production, and still photography services to businesses, the public sector, and other non-commercial organisations throughout the Black Country and the wider West Midlands region. To discuss your project, or for a competitive quote click the button below.

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