Are you interested in a website intro video for your business or organisation in the Black […]
Are you looking for support from a video production company in The Black Country or the […]
The Pyramids, used to represent longevity.
I closed a previous post with a prediction that holding virtual events would be a trend […]
Virtual events can be elevated well beyond the scope of a laptop and bookcase background. Here […]
A smiling woman taking part in a talking head interview
Talking head interviews are incredibly popular as promotional video products. They can be used either as […]
A teacher being filmed for a school marketing video
In a recent post, I looked at the advantages of video marketing for schools. In that […]
video marketing for schools
Video marketing is a slowly growing trend for schools. But some school leaders are understandably reticent […]
Common mistakes in business selfie videos
Are your business video communications letting you down? Read on to learn about how to make […]
Beachtek DXA Micro Pro+ front panel
DXA Micro Pro Plus. Investigating the updated version of Beachtek Audio’s much-respected camera audio interface. 2020 […]
A video camera, tripod, microphone and other filming equipment.
Single shooter video, run-and-gun setup! A look at my one-man, low footprint, highly mobile interview kit. For […]